Copier Coller

is a virtual artistic residence on Instagram. However, there’s a catch: the countless pictures published on the social network are ephemeral, only appearing for a short moment on our screens. Once they have been liked they disappear into the infinite void of endless scrolling.
Drawing on from this, the residence then aims to transfer these images in another temporality, one more durable so they could be better appreciated, maybe to their truer value. It seeks to modify our common use of the platform by making it available for artists as a neutral and free space of communication. In another words — as a temporary virtual exhibition.

Each artist that is invited is given a carte blanche to manage the account for an entire week. Any content he or she publishes during that period of time is archived onto CCC’s website only. The Instagram account is then entirely reset for the next guest.
That methodology applied to what one could call an instantaneous media allows us to considerate it as a free medium of expression where images are no longer consumed as disposable material created for virtual reaction and the artist, as a human being, is placed at the center of his or her creativity.

CCC is a Regroup project.